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Electronic Press Kit

• Who is Waryaa? •

"Despite all the reasons telling me I shouldn't, making this music is an undeniable part of who I am."

- Waryaa

Waryaa is a self-taught musician, rapper, producer, and artist. He grew up in Mississauga’s cooperative housing complexes where his challenging upbringing helped shape his musical style and outlook on life. Coming from a religious household, listening to music, as well as other creative outlets, were not actively encouraged. Still, this did not stop Waryaa from developing a passion for music and the broader scope of creativity that surrounded it.

In his post-secondary education studying architecture, Waryaa developed a wide range of skills in 3D modeling, graphic design, illustration and general design. However, further to this, Waryaa discovered the art of self-education. He acquired an even wider range of skills through nontraditional routes, teaching himself skills like music production, video editing, concept design and many more.

Waryaa now creates music, videos, items, and much more in order to bring his visions into existence. His work reflects his outlooks on topics such as mental health, identity, society, social media, and his relationships between himself and the expectations of others. Waryaa’s aim is to connect with listeners on a profound level, through his authenticity and emotion. His debut EP, “Point”, was released to wide spread acclaim, with the project gaining upwards of 10,000 streams in the first two weeks and the promotional material for the content gaining more than half a million views across social media platforms.

Following his last project, Waryaa is now focused on continuing to push boundaries, and creating music that can personally resonate with his current audience and beyond.

• Latest Release •


"Thoughtful enough to question the point of it, conceited enough to prove it"

- Waryaa


"Point" is the manifestation of a long running, self induced battle with purpose. Waryaa has constantly been battling between the desire to make art, and the self criticism of asking himself why. It is in the realization and creation of this project that he discerns, for better or for worse, whether the journey to create his art holds any merit. Waryaa invites you to join you on this journey, giving you a glimpse at where he has come from and where he could go.

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